I know this guy at work…

March 25, 2010

I know this guy at work here locally that is going through fertility treatment with his wife. They are desperate to have children and decided to do IVF. The doctor fertilized 30 eggs. Of those, 8 grew to the point where they were able to be implanted. They implanted two. I learned this after they did it. There are huge and obvious problems here (specifically, what happens to the other six babies?). They guy says he is a Christian.

I didn’t say anything (approving or disapproving). I actually changed the subject. Should I say something? Our relationship is professional not personal. He was not asking my advice either (he was just talking like one would about any other area of life). Also he is a customer (our company could lose a bunch of money if he started to not like us).

My conscience is killing me on this. Should I speak up? Is that my role? If so, what can I say (the decisions have already been made)?


2 Responses to “I know this guy at work…”

  1. Matt Says:

    it is “conscience”, not “conscious”

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