Not about control…

March 28, 2010

From talking to people in the Ann Arbor area, I detect that many people have a problem with Christians because of the politics involved. Many people claim that Christians just want to use politics to force others to act Christian. This is particularly evident on the issue of abortion.

But the pro-life effort is not about forcing anyone to be Christian or about controlling women or any such thing. It is about protecting human rights. When one group is being oppressed it is the responsibility of the rest of us to speak on their behalf. The desire to speak on the behalf of the oppressed springs from my belief that Jesus, the second person in the Trinity, is Lord (as many of those who spoke against jim crow laws were motivated by this same religion) but that is not the same thing as forcing someone to be Christian.

If you are opposed to the pro-life position so be it. But please don’t mischaracterize it as a movement intended to control or force. It isn’t (at least not for me or any of the pro-life people I know). It is about protecting those who can’t protect themselves.


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