Revolution and the militia….

March 31, 2010

Christian men don't always have to wear pastel sweaters.....

I posted a couple times recently talking about the Christian religion being inherantly revolutionary. Given the stories coming out of my home state of Michigan (a group called the “Hutaree” being arrested on charges of planned terrorism), let me clear up my thoughts on revolution and the Christian faith. I will summarize why this sort of revolution is not what I have in mind. I will preface my discussion by saying I am no expert on the Hutaree so I will speak in general terms without judging guilt or innocence. There are a few principles involved:

1) The Christian religion is advanced by the word of God not by the sword. Read Acts, tell me if there is a single instance of the early church advancing their agenda by physical force. The word of God is much mightier than guns. It appears that the local militia was captured easily and quickly. Guns are really sort of weak. Revelation 19 shows us that as the Kingdom of God advances in the world it will be from a sword proceeding from the mouth of Christ. This is metaphorically saying that the word of God will conquer the nations.

2) There is no fighting against the end times. I find it funny that the book of Revelation ends with a heartfelt prayer that Jesus would return but so many dispensationalists live in fear of the end times. Put down your gun. Start praying for His return. Are you really going to fight what has been prophesied?

3) The Premillenial Dispensational understanding of scripture is wrong. Hate to be controversial here but most of the book of revelation is discussing the rule of Nero (Caesar Nero adds to 666 in Hebrew numerology). The dispensationalist position rests, in my opinion, on an ignorance of first century history.

4) WWPD? What would Paul do? The first century was much like the 21sst century in terms of world events. The Roman empire was the lone superpower. The Roman culture was bleeding into every element of society. Much of this was immoral and opposed to Christian values. But did Paul gather buddies together with swords to await Christ’s return? No. He went into the cities and worked as a tent builder while planting churches on the side. He engaged the culture with the gospel. He preached to anyone who would hear.  The result? The world changed. The Roman empire became increasingly Christian. Within 200 years, the word of God had slain the kingdom and Rome bowed at the foot of King Jesus. No swords needed other than the sword that is the word of God.

For a true guide to Christian revolution, we need to look to Jesus. How did this man (who was killed as a revolutionary) work? He served. He spoke boldly about the kingdom. He called the leaders out on hypocrisy. And the world changed.


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