Move out

April 3, 2010

Let's go to where everyone is nice and peaceful...

I told someone about the incident the other night and they responded, “When are you moving?” I laughed when they asked it for a number of reasons, 1) We are not in gangland here. 2) Even if we were, is it good practice for Christians to move out once things get a little scary? 3) Does danger to our families really come from the outside? In other words, the kid across the street (God rest his soul) was involved in some bad things and his decisions that night caused his death. The same thing could have happened in Gross Pointe.

It drives me a little crazy when people think that sin comes from the outside and if we just make the gates on our communities high enough we can keep it out. Because the truth is, sin festers from within. Can’t really hide from it.


One Response to “Move out”

  1. W. Vida Says:

    For the record, I am moving to the North Campus area soon but not in anyway because of the shooting.

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