Gloves and a Mask…

April 4, 2010

Look at this city! Who doesn't love this place?

One of the things that I encounter when I tell people that I would like to serve and minister in Ann Arbor is that most people consider the city to be the haven of all things anti-Christian. I have pointed out in the past that Ann Arbor does have a lower number of religious people than other parts of the US.  So why am I committed to church planting in the area? Well, number one – stats are misleading and say nothing about reasons. Number two, I love this city. I grew up here. I went to college here. I have a vision of what this city would give to the Christian world if it were serving Christ. Ann Arbor influences the whole state (and the world)….can you imagine the impact it could have?

This brings up a broader point not just related to Ann Arbor – I think that we need to love the cities and people who we seek to minister to. So often Christians approach evangelism like they approach cleaning the toilet….a necessary but unpleasant task that is best done with gloves and a mask. That is not me. I love it that God has called me to this.


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