Bubbling Chemicals and Neurons

April 13, 2010

This is your brain. See the chemical on the left? That chemical bubbles when you experience something you think is logic. The one on the right? That is illogic. Do you like blue or green?

Another reason to believe in God is that to not believe in God is to make all communication ridiculous and meaningless. Here is what I mean. Words like ‘reason’ and ‘logic’ mean something to me as a Christian. I believe that we are not just the random organization of matter that came about through a process called evolution on a distant planet orbiting a distant star at the edge of a galaxy called Milky Way (one of billions of galaxies). If we were truly the product of random and blind evolution, our thoughts would not be thoughts. They would simply be bubbling chemicals and firing neurons in a group of matter called a brain. They would have no meaning, importance or significance. Logic is no better than illogic (it would be bubbles bubbling differently due to different stimuli). Truth would be no different than lies (it would be neurons firing at a different location due to environmental factors).

So either there is a Creator God who somehow created us with purpose and significance or …..blah blah blah bubble bubble bubble shock shock bubble shock blah blah.


2 Responses to “Bubbling Chemicals and Neurons”

  1. Laura Says:

    I find this post offensive and holier-than-though. You are implying that everyone must conform to your point of view. Your whole piece here is opinion, and I’m not seeing any “reason or logic.” Just another reason why I can’t stand religious proselytizing.

    -fellow Ann Arbor citizen.

    • W. Vida Says:

      Hi Laura.

      My post is noting what Nietzsche saw very clearly so long ago. If we are truly what materialistic evolution says we are (a random accident of matter, chemicals and neurons) then there is no reason to trust those chemicals when they bubble something in response to stimuli. My thought is that this sort of renders the whole system of thought almost self defeating. But I am totally open to correction if you disagree.

      Many of my closest and oldest friends are not Christian. Much of my family disagrees with me as well. I love them and enjoy big meals with them, glasses of wine after dinner, and card games after the wine. We talk about philosophy, theology, and history. We have fun.

      We all understand that our disagreements are important. If my faith is correct (and Jesus is God incarnate) then they admit that they should be following it. While at the same time, I agree with them that if Jesus was just a man….I am wasting a lot of time studying him and praying to him – that would be sort of embarrassing. But either way, it is important.

      Anyway, I’ll bet you wouldn’t be offended so much if you knew me. There is something about the impersonality of the internet that seems to harden discussions. Smiles and frowns and other visual clues help guide conversations in the real world.

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