If there is a God human rights make sense

April 13, 2010

One of the reasons that it makes sense to believe in God is that we know that human rights exist. Even the most diehard atheist will readily admit that we need to protect the human rights of others. Where do these rights come from?

Alan Dershowitz discusses (in ‘Shouting Fire’) the origins of human rights and proposes four possible sources of human rights.

1) God created humans – Dershawitz rejects this possibility

2) Nature shows humans human rights – Annie Dillard (Pulitzer prize winning author) wrote ‘nature values the individual not a wit’

3) We (democracies, governments) create human rights. But this is clearly not justification for rights. We fight governments that do not grant rights. Just think; is genocide ok if 51% of the population says it is ok

4) Human rights are just there and no one knows why – Dershowitz takes this approach.

This slave-holding deist didn't respect human rights very well....but he knew where they came from.

It is clear from his logic that there is no reason for human rights. It is interesting that Jefferson (who was not an especially Christian man) pointed out specifically that rights came from “Our Creator”. I believe Jefferson did that because he understood that if there is no God… there can be no rights.

If there is a God, human rights make sense.


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