Why That Objection?

April 16, 2010

The question of human origins tends to be a big problem for my non-Christian friends. They don’t understand how a educated man like me (with a degree in the sciences!) could be so ‘anti-science’. My response is that I am not in any way ‘anti-science’. I love science. I love experiments and although my job no longer requires me to spend time in test labs, I try to find excuses to visit when I can.

My general response to the objection is to respond with a question. Why is it that people have so much trouble with a doctrine such as the Creation narrative in Genesis? This disagreement with the ‘scientific consensus brings into dispute very ancient history and involves complicated interpretations of archeological data to determine how things developed. It seems to me that if you are going to object to Christianity from a scientific standpoint a much more obvious objection would be the resurrection. The data is much more fresh. You can show in a laboratory that large mammals don’t spontaneously resurrect after three days of death. That seems a lot more impossible than the possibility that our interpretation of archeological data may not be perfect.


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