Church buildings should improve the landscape

April 26, 2010

“Thy Kingdom Come On Earth as It is In Heaven…”

When the Apostles asked Jesus how to pray he gave them the Lord’s Prayer. Which includes a statement that we should pray that God’s kingdom might come to earth. When we live our lives, we should ask ourselves if we are bringing that kingdom to earth or if we are doing something completely different. I think this applies to church buildings. In the middle ages, they built churches like this:

Now they build churches like this:

Which would you expect to see in the Kingdom of God? What does the first church say about Christianity? What does the second one say?

I don’t write this to bash. I realize the difficulties of running a church and the practicalities of dealing with a limited budget. I am also a big proponent of renting and borrowing space. But if we are going to build churches, I think the former example should be what we strive for. I think that we might not hit the target every time but it should be a target.


One Response to “Church buildings should improve the landscape”

  1. maggie Says:

    Even if church buildings cannot be as ornate and beautiful as the first picture, the builders and designers could still strive for simplistic beauty. I think it is sad when banks and pharmacies have more attractive buildings than the churches that sit next to them.

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