it was some other big boat on a mountain.

April 28, 2010

This recent video surfaced of some explorers in Turkey that claim they found Noah’s Arc. Let me be the first to say, ‘I doubt it’. Not because I have any doubts about the historicity of the narrative itself but because I doubt that a boat would hold up as well over thousands of years.

But let me go further, in regards to all relics from the bible (especially the shroud of turin), we as Christians need to be careful not to place our faith (or evangelize based on) on any one individual find. There are so many historical elements to the Christian faith that are  based on solid evidence (such as literature from the first century) that we do not need to jump after any individual find as though it will finally prove all the skeptics wrong.

Believe me, even if they did really find the Ark, the skeptics would say it was some other big boat on a mountain.

UPDATE: I am not the only Christian doubter.


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