The Fall of Detroit

May 2, 2010

Drove by the train depot. Stunningly beautiful...and completely trashed.

Yesterday I took the boys to the Tigers game. It was my 6 yr old’s first trip to Detroit and he was mesmerized by the abandoned buildings and the crumbling city. He asked what happened to the city.

I don’t know what happened to the city. It was a series of things I am  sure. The riots of the late sixties didn’t help. Coleman Young didn’t help. A messed up welfare system didn’t help. Years of corrupt city councils didn’t help. The downward slide of the US auto industry didn’t help. Kwame Kilpatrick didn’t help.

What are the solutions? They are talking about consolidating the city. That doesn’t make sense to me. Concentrating a dysfunctional city doesn’t sound like a solution to me. It sounds like a recipe for more intense trouble.

Ultimately, while the problem may be the result of politics, the solution is a spiritual one. The mantra of our times is that education cures all problems. But I believe that the quality of education is a reflection of the state of the public and not visa versa. I pray that God would heal the city. Heal broken families, broken lives and broken systems.

I pray that church plants would spring up throughout the city. Imagine what a difference a thousand new churches in Detroit could make. Imagine how the city would change if in every quarter of the city there was a new congregation hungry to reach the community around them with the gospel and with service. Things would change.

Tigers won. 3-2. Walk off homer by Damon.


2 Responses to “The Fall of Detroit”

  1. Chris Blacksotne Says:

    Check out It’s an upcoming church plant in Detroit. I’ve been in touch with the planter and I’m working to get connected with him when they move out this summer. Exciting stuff.

  2. W. Vida Says:

    Sweet. Thanks for the link Chris. That is awesome. I like their blog. Do they have a website?

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