The Burden of Proof is on Atheism

May 12, 2010

Don't think the tree is there? Prove it.

If I look out my window and observe a tree. If you want to deny that the tree is there (perhaps you claim it is an illusion). The burden of proof is on you to show that it is not really a tree. Because, the tree is what philosophers call “basic”.

I believe that God is philosophically basic and that burden is on atheists. After all, most Americans have experienced God. Most people in the world have experienced something divine. Most people do believe in God. God is basic.


2 Responses to “The Burden of Proof is on Atheism”

  1. jack in a box Says:

    What a beautiful tree, but I have no evidence that tree exists outside your window.

    So, it is for you to prove it does.

    Please don’t admit that tree does not exist outside your window or admit a different one does, without admitting, that you should not have used false evidence for your claim.

    I have no reason to doubt there is a tree outside your window, but please don’t undermine my faith by false evidence.

    Look to objective science and you will see mountains of evidence, as I do, that beleif is rational.

    Jack Dance

    • W. Vida Says:

      Jack, not sure I understand what you are saying.

      What I am saying is that in philosophy, there are certain positive claims that are accepted as “basic” by both sides. It allows philosophical discussions to go on without one side asking for proof on everything. Basic claims can be challenged but the onus is on the challenging party (not the one holding the belief as basic).

      For example, I believe I am a real person (and not a butterfly dreaming). Do I have to prove I am a real person before we move on with our philosophical discussion? No, my existence as a person is philosophically basic.

      I believe that God should be put in this category. He has been experienced by most people. Don’t agree? Prove it.

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