Values through Drama?

May 19, 2010

Shakespeare's plays were deeply theological...

An interesting article is up on right now about a co-op that uses drama to teach values.

I have posted before on the culture transforming nature of art. I think we need to have evangelical Christians go into the arts …as evangelical Christians. If we go to Hollywood and try to ‘fit a few messages in’ we will fail. If we go to Hollywood and allow our Christianity to bleed through every word in the script we will show God to the world.

And it can’t be Thomas Kinkade art. The dogs have to poop.

The Bible is full of nasty stories full of impolite details and harsh realities. But they all bleed God. The poems of the Psalms sing his glory. The stories of murder, war, and plauge point to His providence. The history is tells of His unfolding love. And through it all His justice cries out.

Those are the kinds of movies we need to make.


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