Holding to Convictions Brings Relevance

May 22, 2010

Check out this article. There is a tendency in our culture to try to be ‘neutral’ in terms of religious conviction and cultural practice. We think, ‘how can I judge people who don’t think like me.’ The problem is that some worldviews really are better than others. Some cultures have major pieces or paradigms that need to be rejected. And when other cultures or religions understand this while we don’t, there will be no neutral. Their worldview will prevail because they actually believe them superior.

So they will fight to convert, fight to make sure that they are allowed to practice their views, oppose the other views etc. As soon as a religious conversation happens and one person is thinking ‘it doesn’t really matter’ and the other is thinking ‘it really matters’ one person’s opinion becomes much more relevant and important than the other’s.

Ironically, the person who doesn’t seek relevance instantly becomes more relevant.


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