Stop Following Glenn Beck…

September 1, 2010

Conservatives Christians love Glenn Beck. He is a libertarian conservative who is funny and interesting (and maybe a little crazy but that is part of the fun). Christians also like him because he is open about faith and preaches about the importance of the “gospel” during his 3 hours on radio and 1 hour on Fox. But I think we need to be very wary.

Here is why. I think that it is fine to agree with his politics. But his increasing desire to be a leader on “calling America back to faith” needs to be resisted strongly. We cannot be partners with Glenn Beck on this point. This may sound wierd for me as a conservative Christian to say. Let me explain.

Christianity has historically been defined by the ancient Creeds. The Apostle’s Creed, the Nicene Creed, and The Athanasian Creed were created with the purpose of defining boundaries. ‘Who was in the faith?’ asked the ancient church. ‘Those who affirm the creeds’. But Glenn Beck does not affirm the creeds. He is a Mormon. Mormons may use Christian language but they deny the most fundamental Christian doctrine: the Trinity. They also disagree on other important doctrines such as the atoning work of Christ and the nature of the final judgement. They even deny the reliability of the Scriptures.

In short, Mormons are not Christians by any reasonable definition.

I have said it many times: faith is much more important than politics. The problems of abortion, sexual ethics, and general morality are not the result of Washington policies. Washington policies are a symptom of religion. “Cult” determines “Culture”. And I think Beck understands this – ironically, this is exactly why evangelicals cannot be led by Beck.

When a Christian leader calls America back to faith we should say, “Amen”. But when a non-Christian leader calls us back to faith we should say, “what faith?”.  I would rather our country fall into a socialist hole than to have our evangelical faith fall into a Mormon hole. We cannot whitewash the differences between Mormonism and Evangelicalism. Doing so is poison. Can you imagine the great defender of the Trinity, St. Athanasius, joining with an Arian heretic to call the Roman Empire “back to faith”?  By the same principle we cannot be called back to faith by Glenn Beck.


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