Jesus is not God’s Secret Identity

September 24, 2010

Superman can do anything. He occasionally dresses up like a mild mannered reporter but it is just a disguise. If a thug tries to rob him at gun point, Clark may feign fear but it is just an act. He is not really scared; bullets bounce off him.

Sometimes we get a picture in our mind is that Jesus was basically God’s Clark Kent. He was God who dressed up like a human. When danger, temptation, pain and trial came he may have pretended to be troubled by these things but he was not really because … he was God. It was all an act.

But this is not the Biblical picture of Jesus. Jesus was not the secret identity of God. Instead, the biblical picture of Jesus is that he was fully human. It also describes him as fully God. And all of this in the one person, Jesus. This is what the ancient church referred to as the “Hypostatic Union“. This may seem like a strange doctrine and it is certainly hard to get your mind around it. But the implication of it is beautiful.

When Jesus was tempted, he really was tempted. When Jesus cried, he really was sad. When Jesus laughed, he was truly experiencing joy. Pai? Real pain. In short, Jesus knows the troubles we endure first hand – not because he played dress up and pretended to experience them but because he really experienced them.


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