More weaknesses of naturalism

October 4, 2010

Newton watches an invisible force pull the apple to the ground

The existence of God makes sense of everything. Those who hold philosophical naturalism a priori are blinding themselves to the wealth of evidence that supports the idea of God being active in the world.

The decision to choose naturalism as a default position is a philosophical position that is quite untenable for once you step out of the realm of science (that is intentionally circumscribed to the natural) the proofs for God become overwhelming.

Newton was happy to circumscribe science to the natural realm but he simultaneously believed that the supernatural impacted the natural. Many of the secularists of his day were very uncomfortable with the idea of an invisible force holding everything together but Newton was not precisely because his belief in the supernatural. Historian Mitch Stokes argues that Newton believed gravity was the active hand of God but that Newton simply used math to define how God acts. This is a stark contrast to the modern attempts to show how all things happen independent of God.


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