The Gospel According to Melville

October 7, 2010

Policy doesn’t have the final saying in shaping a nation, religion does. Cult defines culture. By extension, the preaching of the Word is how the world changes toward God (or with poor preaching away from God).

There is an excellent quote from the early pages of Moby Dick that makes this point well:

“What could be more full of meaning? — for the pulpit is ever this earth’s foremost part; all the rest comes in its rear; the pulpit leads the world. From thence it is the storm of God’s quick wrath is first descried, and the bow must bear the earliest brunt. From thence it is the God of breezes fair or foul is first invoked for favorable winds. Yes, the world’s a ship on its passage out, and not a voyage complete; and the pulpit is its prow” (Melville, Moby Dick, p. 60).


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