October 24, 2010


3 Responses to “Bigotry?”

  1. jen smith Says:

    Can’t say that I’m surprised. Mot professors are liberal elitists.

  2. Jessica Says:

    That’s a pretty interesting result. What’s the original source of that chart? I’d love to read more about this study to see how they did the research and how they interpret the results. Thanks.

    • W. Vida Says:

      Hi Jessica,

      It was in a book by a sociologist at UConn (link below), Bradley Wright. His book is a review of all the statistics out there on Christianity. The premise of the book was that most of statistics on Christianity that we hear in the news are wrong for various reasons. But this was an example of a statistic that was actually methodologically worthwhile. The book focuses on research done by others that he reviews for robustness of method and conclusion and gives his opinion. Here is the link to the book (which I found to be very interesting):

      The data for this survey was from the “Institute for Jewish and Community Research.” According to Wright, in 2007 they surveyed “over 1200 faculty members at various American colleges and universities” about their religious beliefs. One of the questions asked was if they had negative feelings toward various religious groups.

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