Does more education make people less religious? No.

December 23, 2010

This is a common argument. ‘If only you were more educated, you would not be so religious.’ The only problem is that it is completely false. In fact, a recent Pew survey showed the opposite is true – the more educated an evangelical gets, the more religious they are.


HT: Bradley Wright



2 Responses to “Does more education make people less religious? No.”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    Education and IQ are two totally different things. In fact, a person with a lower IQ has been proven to be more likely to be religious but that doesn’t mean he is uneducated. The education could make you more religious because lower IQ’s follow blindly.

    • W. Vida Says:

      Hi Jennifer, the study above is independent of IQ. In other words, evangelicals (with a broad spectrum of IQ) who get educated tend to get more religious with education. As far as “following blindly”, if you theory was correct, wouldn’t that go both ways. A dumb religious kid goes to college and is brain washed by the secular professors.

      As far as the IQ thing, I think if you spend a bit of time with that data you will find that it is not what you think. People with high IQs are much more likely to believe in God than to not believe in God. What is true with IQ is that it takes a certain level of sophistication to describe your religious views. So while unedcuated people with low IQs will rarely say that they are atheists, they will also rarely say that they agree with St. Augustine’s exposition of the gospel of Matthew either. In other words, I could say that the higher the IQ, the more likely you are to read and agree with the ancient and historic Christian faith as well.

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