Decaying Detroit

January 3, 2011

I just saw this story in the Guardian. It is weird when foreign press is reporting on how bad things have got in Detroit. I love the pictures of the churches and am praying that someday (before they get demolished or decay beyond repair) they can be rescued and repaired and that vibrant evangelical congregations would fill them again.




4 Responses to “Decaying Detroit”

  1. Beth Battista Says:

    So very sad.

    I watched a documentary on the shambles of Detroit and it is heart breaking. This is NOT America as it should be. Too bad we do not have men and women of honor…true statesmen…that honor their duty to this once great Republic. 😦

  2. Daniel Fielding Smith Says:

    I have mixed feelings about this, and more and more, I am coming to believe that it is become gratuitious “ruin porn”. “Artists” and “photographers” from all over are flying into Detroit to photograph ruined buildings. My friend in A2 , makes his living taking these artist-poseurs Detroit, keeping themsafe as they photograph the beat up biuldings and neighborhoods. He says he doubts if any of these poseurs care about the city of Detroit, or the reasons why the city is in the state it is in.
    It is sexy to show pictures of the ruins of a once greatAmericancity. The poseurs love seeing a US city in ruins, and the fact that goo dmoney can be made publishing full color or B&W coffee table books while this “artistic” trend and fascination with Detroit Ruin POrn lasts.

    • W. Vida Says:

      Hi Daniel,

      That is really interesting. I have never heard the phrase ‘ruin porn’ but I think it fits well. I think the fascination with the destruction of Detroit will probably last a while though. I think that as Americans we are not used to seeing a city decay and until Detroit rebounds (if it rebounds) it will continue to get press.

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