A Comparison: Piper and Osteen

January 27, 2011

Joel and Victoria Osteen: "Your Best Life Now"

I just watched this video of Joel Osteen and his wife Victoria being interviewed on CNN’s Piers Morgan. And I thought a part of the interview was instructive because it speaks to what Christianity is all about. They are being asked about money and the fact that they are….well loaded. Their general answer sounds nice I guess. For example, Joel says, “I don’t want people to be rich I just want people to be blessed and God has blessed me.” Osteen tried to distance himself ever so slightly from what is known as the “health and wealth gospel” but doesn’t do so completely because he has spent his career telling people that God wants them to have health and wealth.

But then Piers asks Victoria if she would be happy if she was stripped of her wealth. Her answer had one glaring omission. She said, “I am still going to be happy because I have a great husband. I have fabulous children. I have people around me who love me and support me.” Hopefully, you noticed one important thing missing.

Now, check out this video:

In light of Piper, what do you think of Victoria’s answer?

Maybe if Victoria had been given more time she would have gotten around to saying, “Ultimately, all I need is Jesus. Jesus is enough.” I don’t know.


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