Heaven is not my home

February 3, 2011

The Bible (and the old creeds) speak about us dying and then later being physically resurrected. The resurrection is the end goal of Christians. Unfortunately, many people think that you die and go live on a cloud somewhere playing a harp (maybe becoming an angel). One thing that leads people to believe this is a misreading of 1 Corinthians 15:35-58. In this passage Paul contrasts the “natural” body and the “spiritual” body and states “flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom”. This leads many people to believe that our physical state will come to an end and that the “resurrection” is not a literal one. But this is a misreading of Paul on many points. What he is contrasting is our current body (that is corruptible) and our eternal resurrected body (that is incorruptible). Both are physical. One is natural one is supernatural or “of God” or…… “spiritual”.

Here is a video by NT Wright (a New Tesatament scholar who has taught at Oxford, Cambridge and St Andrews of Scotland) explaining the details.

So the Christian hope is not some disembodied heaven but an embodied/physical existence in a spiritual (aka supernatural) body. Heaven is not our home, we just pass through as we await the Kingdom.


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