The Christian Divorce Rate….is very low

February 19, 2011

A common myth about the world is that Christians get divorced at a rate similar (or higher depending on the study) than the rest of the world. This is a myth. Check out this article that summarizes where the myth of high Christian divorce rates come from (studies that do not account for actual religious observance) and why the myth is wrong:

“W. Bradford Wilcox, a leading sociologist at the University of Virginia and director of the National Marriage Project, finds from his own analysis that “active conservative Protestants” who regularly attend church are 35 percent less likely to divorce compared to those who have no affiliation. Nominally attending conservative Protestants are 20 percent more likely to divorce, compared to secular Americans [2].”

So, the more committed on is to church, the less likely one is to have a divorce.

“Saying you believe something or merely belonging to a church, unsurprisingly, does little for marriage. But the more you are involved in the actual practice of your faith in real ways — through submitting yourself to a serious body of believers, learning regularly from Scripture, being in communion with God though prayer individually and with your spouse and children, and having friends and family around you who challenge you to take you marriage’s seriously — the greater difference this makes in strengthening both the quality and longevity of our marriages. Faith does matter and the leading sociologists of family and religion tell us so.”

And here is a plot from UConn sociologist Bradley Wright that he compiled using data from a General Social Survey study that tracks divorce rates by church attendance and shows the correlating decline (I apologize for the poor quality, it is a screen dump from Kindle). And keep in mind that this data makes no adjustment for divorces that were before or after Christian conversion:



One Response to “The Christian Divorce Rate….is very low”

  1. I just recently discovered this truth, which is very good news!

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