History repeating itself?

March 7, 2011

I will get back to my review of Rodney Stark’s book on the Crusades tonight (hopefully) but I came across this article and it reminded me of another book by Stark. Newsweek has a post on the fact that in many nations in Asia there is a huge discrepancy between males and females due to selective abortion and infanticide. The text quotes a pundit as saying that,  “[W]omen who would exist today if it were not for selective abortion, infanticide, and economic discrimination….[would be] 100 million.”

In the Rise of Christianity, Stark argued that one of the major reasons that Christianity rose to a majority religion in the Roman Empire was that Christians didn’t kill our baby girls. This led to dramatically higher growth rates in Christian communities. Their exponential growth dwarfed the pagan growth rate and Christians went from being a small minority to a majority in a few centuries.

Will the same thing happen in China and the rest of Asia? Some scholars believe that there are already over 100 million Christians in China. If Christians, have more female children they will over time outpace the rest of the population. It will be interesting to see what happens over the next few generations. I am predicting a Christian China …….perhaps before I lie down to die.


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