Book Review: God’s Battalions – Summary

March 22, 2011

Over the last couple of weeks I have posted a review of each chapter of Rodney Stark’s God’s Battalions: the Case for the Crusades. Overall, I loved this book. I think it corrected many of my misconceptions about the crusades. Stark concludes his book with this summary paragraph:

“The thrust of [this book] can be summarized very briefly. The Crusades were not unprovoked. They were not the first round of European colonialism. They were not conducted for land, loot, or converts. The crusaders were not barbarians who victimized the cultivated Muslims. They sincerely believed that they served in God’s battalions. “

Read each chapter review by clicking below.


Chapter 1: Muslim Invaders

Chapter 2: Christendom Strikes Back

Chapter 3: Western ‘Ignorance’ Versus Eastern ‘Culture’

Chapter 4: Pilgrimage and Persecution

Chapter 5: Enlisting Crusaders

Chapter 6: Going East

Chapter 7 : Bloody Victories

Chapter 8 : Crusader Kingdoms

Chapter 9: The Struggle to Defend the Kingdoms

Chapter 10: The Crusades Against Egypt

Chapter 11: Mission Abandoned


2 Responses to “Book Review: God’s Battalions – Summary”

  1. Betsy Says:

    My son read this book for World History. He chose it to counterbalance the pro-Muslim slant of his text book. He needs to choose a scene from the book for the subject of a diorama. Any suggestions?

  2. […] of the charges against Christianity are overblown or mischaracterized as well. The Crusades are often misunderstood. The public understanding of the Scopes Trial is almost all myth based on the Hollywood telling. […]

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