Tim Keller and Rob Bell: A Comparison

March 22, 2011

This video and the book associated with it are getting a lot of press right now:

Rob Bell has taken a lot of heat for his perceived universalism (although it is worth noting that he denies being a universalist). One interesting (and entertaining) interview of Rob Bell came regarding his book was by MSNBC’s Martin Bashir:

I just ran across this old video (before the Rob Bell hubbub) of Tim Keller answering the question ‘will everyone be saved’. Notice how brief, cogent, and absolutely clear he is.

Then I recently learned that Martin Bashir attends Tim Keller’s Church, Redeemer Presbyterian, in NYC. When I heard this and thought of the interview, I was struck by how important it is to have pastors who are willing to speak hard truths. Good for Martin Bashir and good for Tim Keller.

UPDATE: Check out this audio interview of Bashir talking about the Bell interview.


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