The Role of Men in the Church

March 29, 2011

Check out this video.

Much of what he says is right. I think that the church, somewhere along the way, got the idea that femininity was good and masculinity was bad. God created both men and women in his image. In the old days, we used to write songs like “Christian Soldiers” and talk about the crusades like they were a good thing.

But I think Driscoll is exaggerating the problem a bit (as evangelical pastors tend to do with the problems they see in the church). I know there are some wimpy churches out there but there are also some pretty manly ones as well. In fact, within the evangelical world, I would say there are lots of them. I have been a part of a few. And he is talking about innovation like the church doesn’t do it. What? I think this depends a lot on the age of the pastor and the size of the congregation but look around at evangelical church websites. There is a lots of innovation going on. Evangelical churches tend to use the latest outreach efforts, technology, and even music. In many churches, the only thing that is old is the gospel and the sacraments. I would argue that sometimes this is taken too far and our attempts to be innovative get in the way of the beauty of the old hymns, prayer, and the word. I appreciate a church service that is not cluttered with innovations. And I appreciate a church whose outreach isn’t screaming innovation either. We don’t have a shortage of innovation.

We also need to be careful not to mistake macho men for Godly men. The scriptures have something to tell the men hanging from mountains and climbing the corporate ladder. The world’s view of a man is sometimes not really one of quiet Godly strength but instead a hyper adolescent silliness. There is something to be said for a wise calm in the face of a frantic world.


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