The Economic Value of Churches

March 31, 2011

This was posted on In light of calls to remove the tax exempt status of churches, I thought it was an interesting effort.

I think that you could add a lot to this. Primarily the value of healthy families that churches work to produce. Christian families tend to have more kids. This has been shown in many studies. For example, Tomas Frejka and Charles F. Westoff wrote in the European Journal of Population,

“By every available measure, American women are more religious than European women. Catholic and Protestant women have notably higher fertility than those not belonging to any denomination in the US and across Europe. In all European regions and in the United States as well as among all denominations the more devout have more children. “


These children become the future tax base for the aging population. In order to maintain the social security ratios, we need to have a lot more children and Christians are doing the work here. Some have proposed paying people (with tax breaks and credits) to have kids in order to avoid the fertility decline in that has been seen in other countries. That might be a good idea but we can start by maintaining the tax exempt status of churches.

Further, the fact that Christians tend to have lower divorce rates (despite much false press stating the contrary) also helps create children that are less likely to be violent, more likely to graduate from high school, and generally better adjusted citizens.


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