A Cynical Outsider’s Checklist to become the GOP Nominee:

April 11, 2011

Become a birther. Check.

Become a evangelical. Check.

Become Pro-Life. Check.

Become pro-traditional marriage. Check.

Become saber raddling hothead who wants to colonize the middle east. Check.

Is Trump making a cynical ploy to build a conservative base? Of course he is. Give me a break. Are we really to believe that he went from being a pro abortion, foul mouthed, civil union endorsing,  independent a few years ago to being a prolife evangelical birther war-hawk today?

The sad thing is that people are falling for it.

Attention fellow Christians….don’t be a dope. Don’t fall for the act of a man who has made his millions (billions?) in New York Real Estate (where lying and telling people what they want is a prerequisite). Please.

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