Why secular humanists should be rooting for Christian growth…

April 19, 2011

Here is an interesting video (produced by the guys at Acts 17).

This demonstrates what I have long said: Islam beats secular humanism. I don’t say that because I prefer Islam; it is simple sociology of religion. Monotheism beats all other options. Hell beats no hell. Purpose beats purposelessness. Immortality beats mortality. Sane and rational agnostics will not fly planes into buildings for their agnosticism.

This is why, if you are an agnostic, you should be cheering the growth of evangelicalism and conservative catholicism in the world. It was Christian nations who first devised the idea of religious freedom. It was Christian nations that first granted freedom of speech. Look around the world and note the nations that have the most liberal freedom of speech laws….they are all historically (if not currently) Christian.

And from a sociology of religion standpoint, Christianity can win. Devout Christians have all the benefits of monotheism and have the track record to prove it. We have a theological tradition that has withstood 2000 years of intellectual challenge, 1400 years of Islamic incursions, and we have survived threats from the outside and from the inside. Christianity remains the largest religion in the world and every year there are more new Christians than any other religion (including Islam). Yes, Islam has a higher ‘rate of growth’ but that means little given that they are half the size of Christianity. Devout Christians, on average, have more children, win more converts, and defend our ideals politically better than any other group on earth (including Islam).

Attention agnostics: We are your best hope for long term freedom.

Update: I just read this story about Nigeria’s election of a Christian president. Obviously Christianity is making some headway there and it is causing Muslim wrath. Pray for the Christians in Nigeria…..even if you are an agnostic…especially if you agnostic.


2 Responses to “Why secular humanists should be rooting for Christian growth…”

  1. Ben Hoffman Says:

    You’d better watch out. Buddhism is growing rapidly in America as is atheism. Your little man in the sky religion is GOING DOWN! 🙂

    • WVS Says:

      Sorry Ben….not afraid. Sociology of Religion says Budhism doesn’t have a chance. Rodney Stark, a sociologist who published several seminal on religious conversion during his time at University of Washington, makes it clear in the “Rise of Christianity” that one of the reasons that Christianity rose to a majority in Rome is that its competition was not monotheistic. Monotheism (the idea that there is only one true God) is a more powerful idea than the idea of many gods (or no gods) when they go up against each other, Monotheism almost always wins. That is basic sociology of religion.

      I happen to believe that monotheism (specifically Christian theism) is also true but that doesn’t need to be believed to understand how conversion works.

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