Low Expectations

May 2, 2011

Osama is dead. Christians should be glad when justice is done. Justice was done.

Many are optimistically suggesting that this will turn a page in the middle east. With new regimes in Iraq, Afghanistan, and possibly Libya coupled with uprisings in many other countries many were hoping that change had come. Now with Osama’s demise many think that we may have entered a new era.

Will democracy soon reign in the middle east? Will western principles of equality, freedom and protection of the minority finally overtake the nations of northern Africa, Palestine, Saudi Arabia and the rest?

I strongly doubt it.

We must remind ourselves: cult defines culture. The god we worship defines who we are. The reason that the west has the values we do has to do with the religion that was prominent in the foundation of Europe and the US.

If cult defines culture, we can see that nothing has changed in the middle east. Criminals can be brought to justice, dictators can be removed but as long as there is no change in cult there will be no change in culture.


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