Refusing to Believe

June 17, 2011

“When Emmi Bonhoeffer boldly told neighbors that in some camps the fat of human beings was used to make soap, they refused to beleive her, convinced that such tales were anti-German propaganda.”  Bonhoeffer, Eric Metaxas, 504

The Nazi’s were smart enough to keep their worst horrors out of sight. Similarly, the abortion industry hides their most visible horrors from sight. Most people don’t believe that the worst stories are true. Partial birth abortion is when the “doctor” pulls the baby out of the birth canal up to his head and then executes it in the back of the neck. The ‘Infants Born Alive Act’ was to prevent doctors from leaving born babies that survived late term abortions to die on the operating table (or garbage). But most people don’t know, don’t believe, or don’t care that these horrors are taking place legally on American soil. These dark tales rival the tales found in Nazi death camps but when a politician is strongly pro-life they are accused of being ‘extreme’. Extreme? Really? Do we want to be moderates in this debate?


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