November 8, 2011

God Will Cut You Down

May 14, 2011

I have been struck recently by the way that life drags the proud low. Those who are good looking and cool today will be old, saggy, wrinkled, and generally uncool tomorrow. Money fades away. Power is fleeting. Death is coming like a freight train. I used to get upset when I saw self-absorbed people acting badly without consequence. But I don’t anymore. Time and age make pride silly. The proud are simply short sighted. Time humbles. Sooner or later God cuts us all down.

Merry Christmas

December 9, 2010

Music: Salvation Army Band

December 8, 2010

This has been out there a while but it is worth the watch if you haven’t seen it. Watch the whole thing…midway through you will say “whoa”. If you have ADD or ADHD or whatever….go ahead to the six minute mark.

Music: Elvis and Hymns

September 23, 2010

Elvis Presley was raised a Pentecostal and was exposed to fervent and devout Christianity from his youngest days. Unfortunately, much of his adult life was plagued by moral failings, drug abuse, and decadence. But Elvis never completely abandoned the faith. It is said that during stressful times and long road trips Elvis would insist that gospel music be played. Elvis himself recorded several albums of gospel music. His point of connection with the church remained the Hymns and gospel songs that he learned as a child.

Music is powerful and the Christian musical legacy is impressive. If you do not attend church and do not know any of the old hymns, you are missing something tremendous.

Music: Blue Grass

August 9, 2010

I love every genre of music. What distinguishes good music from bad music is the ability of the song to speak to the human condition. One of the things I love about bluegrass is the integration of the sacred and the profane. The willingness of artists within this genre to speak to all of life naturally. Here is a wonderful example: